Sometimes we want to be able to edit sellable items in BizTools that contain rich text fields which will be displayed in the storefront UI using a rich text editor (RTE). To facilitate this, we need to tell Sitecore Commerce what type of editor to present in BizTools. Referring to the Sitecore documentation for a custom component1, in the GetNotesViewBlock.cs class we will set the UiType property to “RichText”. Adding our property with a rich text editor in that class will now look like…


      new ViewProperty  
      Name = nameof(NotesComponents.WarrantyInformation),  
      RawValue = component.WarrantyInformation,  
      IsReadOnly = !isEditView,  
      IsRequired = false,  
      UiType = "RichText"  
  1. Last time I checked, the code in that article was for Sitecore Experience Commerce 9.0.1, and requires some modifications to work correctly with 9.0.2 which includes entity versioning.